Sunday, March 20, 2011

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. "William Shakespear"

So I decided early on that I did not want to be at the mercy of a florist on the day in case something went wrong.  (Sorry florist friends)  In case you hadn't realised I quite like things that are quirky and different.  I searched and searched again on the net and my favourite website Etsy and was inspired and in love with the bouquets they had on offer.  Peacock feather bouquets, button bouquets.  The idea's that people have are amazing!

I am in love!

I found this bouquet and I thought it was beautiful.  But the price was really making me a bit sad as it was over $500 dollars.  I sent an image to my sister "How cool is this!!"

I kept looking but got a msg one day saying "Hey, I have started buying some brooches! We are going to make that bouquet you liked."

Now a brooch bouquet I hear you say......Yes it is rather funky and unique and something that I will get to keep forever.  

So my sister proceeded to hand me boxes of brooches that came in the mail and I purchased some as well to try and get all kinds of sizes.

Luckily I have a friend who is a florist and when I told her about my idea she offered to help me put it together.  So we got on the net and looked for a diy on how to make a brooch bouquet. My friend proceeded to wire up the flowers whilst I glued the backs so as to not get any pin pricks on the day.  We put them together and wow it looks awesome! Well I think so anyway :)
Photograph by Antoinette Demaria

Now that leaves me with my bridesmaids bouquets and my throw away bouquet.  I can't throw the brooch one as someone will end up in hospital if it hits them in the head.

I found a site in America that sold fake flowers. Yes, yes, I can hear the cringing all around.  But seriously has anyone purchased a bouquet of flowers lately? And mentioned that it was for a wedding?

These looked pretty good so I proceeded to make my order for bouquets, button holes and corsages.  Now they don't deliver to Australia but they deliver to Canada.  Awesome I know!  Luckily I have a friend in Canada.  Well two of them actually and they flew over to Australia to come to our wedding.  The cost of these was cheaper than if I ordered them in Australia even though the postage was horrendous. 

So my flowers were sorted for the day.  Yay!

I want Candy! 

So this is starting to get quite popular and when I saw a picture of a lolly buffet I had to have one.  We went from not really having a bomboniere to suddenly wanting to give our guests the biggest and best!
Now a lolly buffet is pretty self explanatory.  It is a smorgasbord of delicious lollies to tantalise and bring you back to when you were a child and be greedy and look at in wonder and amazement.  Well that is how I feel every time I look at a picture of one.  Nom Nom Nom.  

So a friend of mine went and purchased the vases and bowls (she is getting married later in the year so I am loaning them) and we even have a giant martini glass to fill with these yummy treats.  I made lolly labels for them so that we don't have people accidentally having allergic reactions.  We also decided to have a vase filled with berocca for all of the people who over indulged for the following morning. 

We purchase the words "Love Is Sweet" to sit in front of the buffet.  We also purchased a stamp from the following shop StampOutOnline.  It is a cool stamp which also says "Love Is Sweet" with our names and the date of our big day. So I had been busily stamping away at bags with the help of my sister.

I thought I got a bit carried away with all the lollies I bought for the night but everthing was eaten.  Also apparently people don't read the lolly labels and just got excited like school children and started gobbling them down.  Some of them were left frothing orange from the mouth as they chomped on a berocca.
 Photograph by Sarah Selkrig

Tree of Love

So I happened to come across an idea for a wedding tree.  What a quirky way to remember everyone who came to your wedding!  So I organised the canvas an decided to paint the tree on myself.  I think it didn't turn out to shabily and I know a few people were quite taken with the idea. 

Photograph by Sarah Selkrig

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