Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Ring's and Shoes and Shoes and Shoes.........Grrr

I have a favourite website that I am absolutely obsessed with and love all of the wonderful and marvellous things you can buy from it.  It is called Etsy and I got a lot of my ideas for the wedding from there.  One of them being our wedding rings.


So whilst doing a search on rings I came across a shop called Fabuluster.
They place a cast of your fingerprint on rings, necklaces, etc. How cool would that be me having Ben's fingerprint on my ring and he having mine on his?
I showed Ben and he was in love with it just as much as me.  We decided on white gold rings and this put the price up a little but that was okay because these rings are unique and you only get married once! 

Now I don't know if you are aware of this but we measure ring sizes differently here in Australia than to the US. So I found a site that you can print off a ring sizing chart that your wrap around your finger and viola!, ring size in Americano. So I was a size 5 and Ben measured a size 8.

They are here!!!!!

The rings are delivered and I grab them out of the box greedily.  Wow look there is my fingerprint and look there is Ben's in mine! How cool!
Oh and it looks so good on my finger!  I can't wait to be Mr's.  I take some pictures and send them to my other half.  He comes home later that night and is looking at the rings.  "Wow they look really good." he says as he proceeds to slip his over his finger....and it stops at the knuckle.

He is looking at me with a weird look.  "What?" I say.  "It doesn't fit." he replies.....

It's their mistake.  It has to be......

So we were convinced that they must have mucked up.  Mine fits and it measured right and Ben measured his with the same instrument.

We are just about ready to send a miffed email when I suggest that he go to a local jewellers and get his finger measured.  They will surely tell us that they have mucked up and we can send it back and make them pay for any costs incurred.  So Ben trundles down and speaks to the local jewellers.

"Your ring is two sizes too small.  We can fix this for you but it will be around $90."

Later that week we get a call saying that he was measured incorrectly and the size will have to go up 3 sizes and will cost $200.  Ummm ok. That's weird and why is it going up so much?  "That's because America uses 14k gold and we use 18k gold." Oh of course we do....

We wait for the call and Ben goes in to try the ring on.  It' slides on and off too easily.  "It's uh, too big...... Um why did it go up 3 sizes when obviously that is too big and a different measurement than the first time?" he asked.
"That's because the person who measured your finger the first time must have done it wrong."  This person was standing right next to her!!

So we told them we just wanted it fixed.  By this stage it was fixed again and still too big.  By the third time we were told by the manager, "You know this costs us money every time we have to resize this.  But we won't charge you any extra." What the?!?!?!   

At least I know we won't lose them!

If the shoe fits........

So I had this great idea after watching a Justin Timberlake DVD and seeing him in a suit and sneakers, that Ben and his groomsmen should wear something similar.  I thought this looked funky as, so I set about trying to get Ben thinking it was funky as too.

It didn't take too much convincing to get Ben on side, so we ordered a pair of shoes from ebay and thought we would get more once we confirmed that these ones were ok and worth the money.  We also decided that these could be the guys wedding gifts.  The shoes were good so we decided to order more but the seller was out of the sizes we needed.  Poo! 

So we searched around. and just before xmas our friend said he could get them cheap from the Converse shop in Melbourne. Of course we could get them cheaper. So I looked and looked and came across another place.  We placed our order for the other shoes in a few days later they came in the mail.  Now I ordered a size 9, 9.5 and two size 10's.

I got a 9, 10, and 2 size 11's.......ummm.

So I email the guy.  "So what's the go buddy, you sent me the wrong sizes?"

Reply - "Sorry we don't have size 9.5 so we thought you meant size 10 and 2 x size 11.  Send them back and we will exchange them or you can buy them at a discounted rate."

"Why didn't you email me and tell me. I would have asked for three size 10's. I am not going to send them back as that will cost too much. Also the discounted rate is more than what I originally paid. So no and I am leaving bad feedback!"

" Thank you for shopping with us and we hope you buy from us again."  

Um doesn't bad feedback generally mean you won't buy from them again...

Well, I am still down two size 10 shoes.  I find a site which is a bit more expensive but hey I just want this sorted.  So I pay for them and a few days later find a paypal refund for 1 pair of the shoes as they have run out of stock.

Seriously, are these shoes not meant to be! OMG!  So I have purchased another pair, and it looks like we are all sorted. Apologies to our friend whom we should have just asked to pick them up straight away.  You were right and we were wrong and trying to be cheap. Would have saved me a lot of time if I had just gone with your recommendation.

So I have so much stuff that I want to talk about but want some sneaky surprises for the day.All of the good things I want to save until the actual wedding is over and then I can talk about it all in great depth!!  I would like some surprises for you :)

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