Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The beginnings of a wedding...

G'day! In case you hadn't guessed where I reside, it is Sunny Australia!  Although contrary to what has been on the news lately with all the raining and flooding it is Summer here (just), and we have been having some beautiful days!

This is my first time posting a blog so I hope that you will be kind to me and enjoy my rambles and hopefully delight in my words and posts of the heart as well as my endeavour to let you know of my wedding trials and tribulations! 

Yes that's right I am getting married, to a wonderful man I might add.  I suppose I will start from the beginning of when it happened and my pains, joys and delights with organising our wedding! These difficulties have encouraged me to want to start my own business so that others do not go through the same hardships as myself but I will talk more about that in later posts :)

The Proposal.

My partner proposed to me at home in our dining room on one knee ( I know right? I can hear the gasps of "How romantic!" all around.)  Now before you all go "Boring!", I would rather he feel comfortable and get everything out he wanted to say rather than stutter and just hand me the ring.

Now he had planned a night at the renowned Flower Drum Restaurant in Melbourne. 
He decided that he would be too embarrassed and went for the ambush when he got home from work.  Of course after much happy crying and those words "YES!" We called all our family and friends and then that Thursday night we went to the Flower Drum and enjoyed by far the best meal and best service we have ever had.  The staff were fantastic and we had a set menu banquet which was amazing.  The dessert was a balsamic vinegar ice cream which i remember because I thought "How odd.", But it was delicious.   We were full happy and it was from that day that I totally put the whole wedding thing aside for 18 months.  You see I was pregnant with our first child and due in April.  

We had a beautiful baby girl named Aurelia on Easter Sunday.  She was a beautiful child and my partner and I were so in love with her that we thought it would be wonderful to have another one.  Fast Forward 13 months (yes that is how many months there are between them.) and we had another beautiful baby girl named Isabella.  It was after I had Isabella I decided I had better start planning this wedding before I fell pregnant again!

I gave myself 10 months to plan this wedding.  Plenty of time right? 

The Ceremony.  

My partner was totally infatuated with the idea of getting married at the Montsalvat

It is a beautiful old artists colony set in Eltham, Melbourne, Australia.  If anyone is visiting or lives nearby, I would highly recommend going to have a look at the residence.

My partner booked this in for our ceremony and I just know that the old rustic charm and buildings as our backdrop will make our photographs amazing. Even inside the great hall and the stained glass windows are beautiful. I hope that the guests walk around and take in the beauty of the grounds and buildings after the wedding.

The Reception.

We had no idea of where we wanted to hold the reception but we had decided that we didn't want a formal sit down dinner.  It was one day that a work colleague told my partner that she had been to a bar in the city called Rockstar Bowling  The bar was in fact the Vodka Bar and she said it had chandeliers and was pretty funky.

So we went down and had a look and we fell in love with it.  It made us change the way of how we decided to have our wedding.  It was no longer a traditional wedding.  We organised some lanes for the guests to have some time out and fun.  We were now about going out and having fun and making sure that everyone else had fun with us!

Well I think that is enough for one post.  My next one will be about my dress and my task to find the perfect one.  Until then, happy reading/wedding planning!

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